Ivan Levko Art

Artist's Statement

Ivan Levko
    Creation. We all aspire to create. Creating art moves my intellect, my imagination, my being.
    As a young boy, growing up in the midst of political revival in young Moldova, I found myself doodling away at all times. My experience in the hospital to kindergarten to first grade. The pencil never ceased to move. After moving to America, I was exposed to a whole new environment, in which my imagination could thrive.  From school yard drawing competitions to college, my realization grew. When I started post-secondary school, I knew this is what I aspired to be: an artist.
    When I work, I loosen up my mind. I try to leave out no room for closure or close-mindedness. As a young artist, I tend to use a variety of media to expand my horizon, to truly understand where I should be. But in the past few years, I have realized that painting is my main focus and what I am drawn to.
    My aspirations have been growing ever so widely. Not long ago I realized that we live our lives once. So after, many questions spurred. Why do people choose to live it blandly and unimaginatively? Why do we not reach for the stars of our potential? Why do we just live to die? These questions opened my eyes to see that life is a choice and I choose to live it fully!